Ambritha De Silva

Variety adds spice to her career

Grateful to work with smart, driven and collaborative people. That’s how Ambritha De Silva (BBIS 2014) feels about her four years or so at Deloitte Australia. “They encourage and challenge me to deliver great work and to grow as a professional,” she says.

As a Senior Consultant, Ambritha puts her focus on technology strategy and enterprise architecture. She looks at the latest trends in technology, and the software products behind them. Using enterprise architecture techniques, she can explore potential opportunities and trade-offs for clients to align technology solutions to their business goals.

“I enjoy the variety in the work that I get to do. Once I finish a project, I’m on to the next, which gives me exposure to different clients, different teams and new problems to solve,” shares Ambritha. “Continuous learning is an important aspect of what I look for in a career, and at Deloitte I get that through on-the-job learning, formal training and coaching.”

A passionate community advocate, Ambritha and some uni friends created Sri Lankan Youth Unite and Lead (SLYUAL), a group that aimed to empower other young people in their careers. Ambritha served as Secretary, Vice President and President of SLYUAL.

“We hoped to fill key knowledge gaps around searching for jobs, writing resumés, interviewing, attending assessment centres, public speaking and networking,” she explains. “We also held fundraising events for causes in Sri Lanka, such as scholarship programs and supplies for orphanages.”

Additionally, Ambritha joined the Young Sri Lankan Professionals, an organisation targeting those already in the workforce. She helped organise some of their professional development events, as well as supported their efforts to raise money for charity.

While at Monash, Ambritha participated in the industry-based learning (IBL) program. “This gave me a glimpse of the range of jobs that I could do,” she says. “It was valuable to experience different types of work, industries and ways of working. And IBL helped me establish a professional network before graduating, which made the transition into my working life smoother.”

Ambritha offers a great tip for anyone planning a career: “Employers value well-roundedness, not just good grades. Part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and volunteering demonstrate teamwork, organisational skills, time management and a good work ethic. Plus they give you life experience you can later draw upon.”