Amir Mitri

Amir Mitri

As Senior Solutions Lead at Experian, Amir Mitri (Bachelor of Business Information Systems) is gaining broad experience across a myriad of areas. Managing a team of five employees, Amir is responsible for presales consultancy, project estimations, defining and delivering functional requirements and project management.

'The skills I am acquiring are very transferrable and this will enable me to fast track my career. What's more, Experian has a culture of empowering employees, which provides me with even more opportunity for growth and development' explains Amir.

Amir chose to study IT at Monash because it encompasses so many disciplines that interested him, including maths, hardware/software, algorithms, data and documentation. 'The variety in IT is what appealed to me most because it enables you to grow and change your career throughout your life. There are always new avenues to explore - and a need for experts in those emerging fields'.

After completing his IBL placements, Amir believes that they were the most beneficial aspect of his degree. 'During my industry engagements I was exposed to many different tasks and environments. This gave me a leg up on others when it came to starting my career. And it taught me how to network and navigate a professional environment.'

According to Amir, IT encompasses many roles, interests and tasks - and its prevalence will only continue to grow. 'I believe that no other industry offers more opportunity and variety. There are IT roles that many people don't even know about, as well roles that NO ONE knows about - simply because they don't exist yet!'

Looking back at his career so far, Amir especially enjoyed helping to bring a new flagship product to market in Australia and NZ. Amir and his team determined how to position the product and how to price it. They were also required to create a transition and upgrade plan, build relationships with international stakeholders - and to communicate the capabilities of the new platform.

'Another career highlight was being the first solutions lead to design, deliver and manage an implementation of the new flagship product within the APAC region' says Amir.