Chris Rickard

Going for lifestyle and freedom

After working as a software developer at start-ups across the US, Canada and Australia, Chris Rickard (BNetComp 2004) started his own software consultancy called inoutput, where he is now Director.

The inoutput team builds custom business automation software. “This sounds a bit boring, but it's actually great fun,” says Chris. “If a business is going well, but now needs to improve part of its workflow, we might create an internal web app to replace spreadsheets, or word docs, used by staff for a particular task. Or we might design a custom mobile app to track workflow on the factory floor.”

Chris adds, “Day to day, my role involves…everything! I meet with potential clients, I scope new projects, I manage the tech team, do code reviews, and perform testing. At least a couple of days a week, I still program. I try not to get too removed from the actual software development, but I have to make time for this.”

Now over five years into his venture, he maintains, “Entrepreneurship can be a very rewarding path. And it doesn't need to have a billion dollar goal at the end. Building a solid business that supports your lifestyle can mean a lot, and provide a lot of freedom.”