Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell

A career that speaks “seize the day”

As a mature-age student, Chris Waddell completed his Master of Computing at Monash. He had resumed his education after dropping out of uni as a young man.

Chris has since then held a wide range of jobs, working in all Australian capital cities, as well as New Zealand, Fiji, the UK and the US. He has had a wealth of experience.

He started out as a programmer, but then moved on to become an analyst in the insurance industry. From there, Chris got a job in project management at a hardware supplier. And his journey just kept on going, bouncing him from opportunity to opportunity. A product manager at a software house. An IT management consultant in telecommunications and banking. An IT and communications manager in the health industry. And, last but not least, a university lecturer (now retired).

Oh! Chris also managed to squeeze in a stretch as a chief technical architect for a major telephone company. He’d been hired for a short-term assignment, but ended up staying 12 months.

His advice to younger people just getting started: “Don’t be narrow in your job choice. Even if a job isn’t your ideal one, you can often become successful going outside your comfort zone.”

Chris contends that most people have at least three career changes in a lifetime. “You’ve got to be bold and ready to grab an opportunity when it comes along,” he counsels. “But remember, the first law of wing walking is ‘Don’t let go of what you have until you have something else to hold on to’.