Damian Kovach and Adi Rum

Damian Kovach and Adi Rum

Damian Kovach

Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science (2006)

Adi Rum

Bachelor of Computer Science (2006)
Graduate Diploma in Psychology (2007)

Damian and Adi have created an original and successful business that combines their skills in computer science with their interests in health and fitness.

Soon after graduating they created a business around an online fitness search engine that matches people to gyms and fitness centres in the area they live. Three years down the track, the two work on the business 10 hours a day. Their site, Local Fitness, now receives over six million hits a month and gyms large and small want to be involved.

We wanted to be able to give people an exact match to their needs in the least amount of time. We merged our knowledge of IT, psychology and fitness and came up with the lifestyle search. A search that may take hours is completed in 10 seconds.

Adi became interested in the area of human-computer interaction during his computer science degree.

I wanted to be part of this course because it gave me the unique opportunity to gain valuable industry experience whilst completing an internationally recognised degree.