Derek Brown

Derek Brown

Generating lightbulb moments

Shortly after completing his degree, Derek Brown (BBIS 2011) made the leap to Deloitte Australia where he has thrived for seven years. Immersed in the world of data, analytics and visualisation, he serves as Manager within the Strategic Capabilities team.

“I thoroughly enjoy working in the data visualisation space as it’s where you can elicit a ‘lightbulb moment’ from your client or stakeholder,” says Derek. “You have the power to make or break an insight from data by the way you communicate it.”

A passionate supporter of social causes, Derek has been a Deloitte Foundation Champion since he first joined the company. In this capacity, he supports Deloitte’s involvement with Oxfam initiatives and events such as Oxfam Trailwalker (a team endurance challenge).

“While on an industry-based learning (IBL) placement at Oxfam, I fell in love with the organisation and their mission of creating a just world without poverty,” shares Derek. “When I found out that Deloitte had a strong partnership with Oxfam, I was keen to be a part of that.”

IBL has influenced Derek’s choices in more ways than one. “Through coursework, you learn the fundamentals, but use tiny, well-structured problems,” he explains. “In the real world, you encounter problems way bigger and more complex. IBL gives you the chance to apply your knowledge to such problems, expanding and cementing your learning.”

In recent times, Derek has observed data democratisation help more and more people access and understand data. “This has fueled many excellent innovations,” he says. “But I’d like to see greater transparency between organisations and consumers on how they use the data they collect.”

What does Derek suggest to those embarking on a career? “If you involve yourself with the things you love – whether it be certain tasks or projects in your IBL placement, pet projects at home, or industry events and seminars –  the opportunities will come.” And, like Derek, you could end up exactly where you want to be.