Diana Do

Diana Do

First off the blocks and still going strong

Diana Do (BBIS 1994) embarked on a career in IT well ahead of the dot-com boom. After completing her degree, she made her way across various industries, from airlines to mining companies to banks. And now software development. Managing a diversity of projects in which she could explore future technology has kept her job fresh over the years.

“I’ve always been interested in the dynamics of the corporate world – business processes and the technical infrastructure that shapes an organisation,” she reveals. “I love challenges, the different nature of each project, and my interaction with vendors and stakeholders. Hence, my longevity in this industry.”

Diana’s journey has taken her overseas, giving her insight into how organisations operate in other countries. “I’ve observed how different cultures influence the way people work,” she says. “And I’ve had a chance to travel around the world with different companies, presenting my ideas to top management.”

Now a Project Manager at QSR International in Melbourne, Diana’s primary focus is business transformation projects. “I’m responsible for projects that involve cross-functional teams – ones that bring change impacting the entire organisation,” she explains. “I follow them from inception to delivery so it’s quite rewarding when projects go live.”

Diana describes how the industry-based learning (IBL) program at Monash guided her professionally: "I had one IBL placement at DMR Consulting where I debugged programs and another at IBM where I was part of the marketing team for their mainframes. Working for different companies and doing different types of work helped me determine the right career path.”

She encourages everyone to take advantage of the IBL program. “Explore what you really want to do by asking for more challenges,” she advises. “Don’t accept doing repetitive manual tasks every day. Always ask, ‘What can be a better way that I can do this? How can I optimise or automate this?’”

Over the course of her career, Diana has witnessed the ascent of the internet. “When I first started working, I met a network engineer who predicted that we’d ultimately find everything we need to know on the ‘information highway’, or what we now know as the internet,” she shares. “Soon everything will be cloud based.”

Diana hopes that one day we can pick up speed along our information highway, enabling us to access data, and communicate, even more quickly. A modest wish from someone who has traversed the digital revolution.