Jane Ooi

Nathan Graham

Her passion for IT just keeps on growing

Since graduating, Jane Ooi (BCompSci (Hons) 2006) has covered a lot of ground, going from Software Engineer to Development and Operations Manager at carsales.com.au.'I lead multiple awesome teams, and work with many brilliant people in the technology space', she says. Not only that, Jane has been a major contributor to the transformation and evolution of the company’s product and technology systems.

'From an early age, I’ve always enjoyed coding, and technology. I got my first computer at 12, with internet access soon after'. 'Doing computer science at uni reaffirmed my interest', shares Jane. 'I’ve now worked in IT for over 10 years and my passion’s still growing'.

During this time, Jane has watched carsales grow from a small team into an ASX Top 100 company. She adds, 'We've also evolved in terms of technology, moving into microservice architecture, cloud computing and creating platforms as services'. 

Jane finds working in the cloud both challenging and exciting. 'Cutting-edge technology has enabled us developers to speed up delivery, and not have to be overly concerned about hardware and infrastructure provisioning', she asserts. Jane now looks forward to further developments with artificial intelligence and machine learning. She hopes to see them become more widely used and readily accessible to everyone.

Her credo? 'Work hard and have fun while you’re doing it!'