Jessica Ling

Jessica Ling

An international qualification from Monash University helped IT professional Jessica Jie Ling (Master of Business Systems) land a job at computer giant IBM. Jessica works at the company's centre in the outer suburbs of Beijing, where she is employed as an engineer working on software quality assurance.

Jessica is currently part of the team perfecting the next version of database management system DB2 for z/OS, a 64-bit operating system created by IBM for mainframe computers. She says it is a job that she probably would not have landed without the advantage of an international qualification from Monash University.

Yes, of course it helped me a lot. International companies really liked the fact that I had overseas experience. They will tend to accept the overseas students because they have more English skills and also equivalent knowledge as the local students.

Jessica completed her undergraduate IT course in China, but decided it was important to get her postgraduate qualification overseas.

I thought I could learn a lot of new knowledge there, so I chose Monash. I was quite glad that I did because Monash has taught me a lot. Yes I have learnt a lot.

In 2005, Jessica travelled from China to the Clayton campus to study a Master of Business Systems. Within a year of returning home to China in mid- 2006 she had secured a job at IBM. The masters course provided Jessica with training and research skills in the analysis, design, development and application of information technology to management and decision making.