Jet Yang

Before graduating, Jet Yang (BITS 2014) worked for about two years as an IT support technician at Monash Malaysia. Thanks to this previous experience, after uni he immediately got a job at a bank troubleshooting PCs. He then went on to develop iPhone applications.

Jet encourages others to find out early what you’d like to do so that you don’t waste time later. “Imagine dragging your feet to work, with every day seeming so long,” he says. “Doing what you really enjoy will give you the energy to do it well. Have a mission in your life to help you overcome obstacles.”

In the future, Jet hopes to go for a Master of Business Administration. “I’d like to have a successful career, as well as help the people around me,” he conveys.

Although Jet agrees that having a range of real-world experiences boosts employability, he believes it’s best to stick with a new job for at least a year. “Employers don’t like to hire people who keep changing jobs,” he explains. “Best to stay put and learn everything you need to know before leaving for another job.”

Jet also stresses the value of good character. “My current employer tells me that he appreciates that I’m responsible, friendly and humble,” he confides. “Bad character will take you nowhere, whereas good character will lead to a successful life.”