Karan Raghav

Karan Raghav

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing world

Until he started uni, Karan Raghav (BBIS 2016) had thought IT would mostly be about programming and providing technical support. He’d underestimated the breadth of the industry, its multitude of career paths, and its far-reaching impact on society and the way we do things. It didn’t take long for Karan to adjust his thinking.

“We’re in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you’re studying IT, this puts you at the forefront of technological advances,” he says. “But what’s relevant today may quite likely be redundant in a decade. It’s important to continue learning and adapting to market demands.”

Karan had wanted an education that would make him job ready upon graduation. So he opted for Business Information Systems. “With subjects designed to provide industry-relevant skills and knowledge, I knew that I could take what I’d learned and apply it to the real world,” he explains.

Additionally, Karan took advantage of the industry-based learning (IBL) program at Monash. “IBL offered me a fantastic opportunity to gain firsthand industry experience and build a strong network,” he relays. “During my two placements, I’d picked up the basics of communicating effectively in a business environment, and this gave me a head start in my graduate role.”

Now an Analyst at Deloitte, Karan works in the Technology, Strategy and Architecture (TS&A) service line. “My day-to-day responsibilities include engaging subject matter experts to understand business processes, facilitating workshops, analysing data, conducting requirements gathering exercises, providing project status updates, and presenting project findings to the leadership team and client stakeholders,” he reports. No time to be bored!

At Deloitte, Karan has had the chance to work with senior stakeholders across different government agencies to optimise the response to major emergency events. He shares, “It was a highlight to see firsthand how the different emergency departments work together to provide relief to Australians in times of need.”

What does Karan recommend to others entering the IT space? “Seek as much exposure as possible, in many diverse areas, through work experience and volunteering. Also keep abreast of industry trends by reading beyond what your course requires. Think ahead and ask yourself, ‘How can I maximise my impact on an organisation? And how can I ensure my relevance in five or ten years?’”

In other words, get ready to ride that next wave.