Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Creating her own solutions to everyday problems

Mai Nguyen (MIT 2007, BBus(Mgt) 2010, MBus(Mktg) 2014) wanted to create her own solutions to everyday computer problems - that’s what attracted her to IT. Mai was able to achieve this by learning to code. An associated benefit was the Mai helped the tech industry one step closer towards closing the gender gap.

Now a Software Developer at, Mai specialises in application program interface (API) and backend. She has also become fascinated by JavaScript frameworks. “The things I enjoy most about my role are the challenging projects and my amazing ‘family’ of colleagues,” she says. “And I’ve got flexibility and opportunities to share knowledge.”

Mai believes that, in the future, every job will require some level of coding. And she wants more and more females to have the confidence and skill to jump in. To this end, Mai volunteers as an Adult Education Lead at Code Like a Girl, an initiative to inspire new generations of girls to learn to code and assume leadership roles in IT.

With great anticipation, Mai watches the burgeoning Cloud. “In the past few years, the Cloud has enabled some extraordinary strides in mobile devices, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, storage and computing,” she explains. “Next I’d like to see AI, machine learning and blockchain mature from just concepts, and be utilised in real-world applications that can help millions of people around the world in a meaningful way.”

How best to work towards this goal? Mai puts it simply: “Fail fast, fail often. But learn from your mistakes.”