Michele Frolla

Michele Frolla

UX designer with a taste for la dolce vita

Over the years, Michele Frolla (Bachelor of Multimedia (Applications), Information Technology) has struggled to explain what she does for a living. The average person doesn’t really understand User Experience (UX). It’s how a person feels when interacting with a digital product or brand, she ventures. UX aims to fulfil a user’s needs by giving them a positive experience. This builds long-term loyalty.

Apple, for example, owes its success to outstanding UX. Not just their beautifully designed products, but everything from their spacious Scandinavian-design stores right down to their immaculate packaging, Michele says. With the rise of augmented and virtual reality, who knows what the future of UX will look like!

And how has Michele come to where she is today? Captivated by her Italian heritage, as a young adult Michele attended Italian classes three nights a week, viewed every screening at Melbourne’s Italian Film Festival, and ate at Italian restaurants whenever possible. Ultimately, this passion led her to Rome, where she landed a job as a web designer. A life-changing experience.

My focus shifted from my career to spending quality time with friends who became my family. When socialising, no one ever spoke about their work or complained about their jobs, shares Michele. Conversations were usually about food, travel, and planning outings together. And I thought, ‘These Italians have got the right work-life balance. That’s la dolce vita!’

When a visa issue eventually intruded, Michele reluctantly left her sweet life in Rome and skipped across to London. For three years now, she has worked at Live Nation (a global entertainment company) as a Senior Interaction Designer. I fly to various European cities to conduct user interviews and testing sessions with our fans. That’s how we learn more about them and the ways they interact with our site, she says. This feedback fuels our business decisions.

Wanderlust has carried Michele to all sorts of far-flung places. And these varied cultural experiences have inspired The Intrepid Guide, her language and travel blog, which brings to life her motto: The more we travel, the more we learn. Michele has also written How to Learn Italian Fast in Just 8 Hours, an ebook with a 5-star rating on Amazon. No wonder she now plans to write a similar book on French!

In juggling so many projects, Michele has drifted a bit from la dolce vita. But when you enjoy your work as much as she does, that’s pretty sweet, too.