Milosh Ivanovich

Milo Peering

When intense curiosity and keen desire to learn new things drives ambition

Milosh Ivanovich (BE (Hons), M Comp, PhD) is one of the nation’s leading authorities on teletraffic engineering and network modelling.

As Principal Domain Expert in Telstra’s Wireless Network Engineering, Milosh oversees developments and innovations in wireless traffic modelling and optimisation, pursuing excellence in everything from basic connectivity to the emerging areas of virtual and augmented reality. “I’ve got a really cool, awesome job,” he beams. “But try explaining that to my kids when they ask me, ‘What do you do for work, Dad?’ The way I put it to my ten-year-old daughter, who’s watching Taylor Swift or Katy Perry via the Telstra mobile broadband connection to our laptop is, ‘Daddy’s work brings you those images,’ and I’m proud of that.”

A researcher at heart, Milosh periodically publishes papers about his work, and as an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash, he finds time to collaborate on projects with his academic colleagues. Additionally, Milosh enjoys mentoring postgraduate students, on an ad hoc basis. “My most recent Monash PhD student graduated last year and I’m currently supervising a PhD intern at Telstra,” he explains. “By passing on what I’ve learned and experienced to the younger generations, I can give back to the community and profession.”

He also gives back to the country that welcomed him at age 9 – Milosh has served as an Australia Day Ambassador for the past 17 years. “Australia has one of the best models for harmoniously integrating a multitude of people from different ethnic backgrounds,” he says. “It provides them with all the necessary support and opportunities to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.”

Milosh sees his “nerdy, algorithmic problem-solving” at Telstra as a way to improve the lives of everyday people, by meeting our basic human need to communicate. His intense curiosity and keen desire to learn new things drives this ambition. “As the complexity of teletraffic technology increases, so will the likelihood of needing machine learning and artificial intelligence to supplement traditional queueing theoretical approaches and techniques,” he adds.

“In the very distant future, I’d like to see the realisation of some things currently considered science fiction,” muses Milosh. “Artificial superintelligence with the potential for immortality, via biological means or ‘digital ascension’. And human space travel and colonisation within and beyond our solar system.”

When you’ve come as far in a lifetime as Milosh has, the possibilities seem infinite.