Muhit Anik

Muhit Anik

Getting a job takes education plus

Muhit Anik (MIT 2017) knows what it takes to find the right job. He now works as a Business Intelligence & Data Operations Engineer at Facebook in Sydney. A great gig.

“Never would I have thought, coming from a small country like Bangladesh, that one day I’d get to work at Facebook,” Muhit shares. “Not only that, I was shortlisted at Amazon, Google, Uber and Atlassian.”

Facebook Australia being smaller than US headquarters means Muhit gets to enjoy a startup environment with all the perks of an established company. “It’s wonderful to work there,” he says. “Probably the best place to work.”

Muhit’s role involves monitoring and analysing the data and data quality of critical pipelines. “Facebook receives a massive amount of data – over 350 petabytes per day,” he explains. “I write code to automate services, so teams like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Newsfeed can focus on development.”

Not a natural student (by his own admission), Muhit worked hard to get to where he is. While doing his Master’s degree, he took freelance jobs, which helped him develop his communication and social skills.

“Studying at Monash helped me get into my dream company, but it takes more than education,” he says. “Make sure you network. And, most importantly, believe in yourself. If you don't, why would anyone else?”

Muhit strongly advises job hunters to keep trying. “I applied to over 100 companies and got rejected many times,” he confides. “If you're in tech and don't have experience, grab little jobs or come up with your own project. Create a website to showcase your work. Anything.”

Clearly, Muhit’s perseverance has paid off.