Ramon Sho

Ramon Sho

Hard work and pure motivation lie behind his success

Ramon Sho (BComp 2008) embarked on his career path as a network administrator, but soon realised that he wanted more of a challenge.

His next step was to join VISITS, a medium-sized business undergoing massive growth, as an IT network/systems engineer. After demonstrating his commitment to them, he was asked to become a team leader. And then, a short time later, thanks to his strong client communication skills and technical knowledge, he landed a position as project manager there.

Now Ramon works as an IT project manager at Service Stream. “I manage projects ranging from system upgrades and network migrations to outsourcing and insourcing of IT services,” he says. “The beauty of my role is that it’s so varied in the technologies and people you get to work with.”

How does Ramon account for his success? “I’d say hard work and pure motivation to achieve as much as possible,” he responds. “Companies will only invest in staff who prove they really want to progress their career. Put your hand up for weekend implementations. Or work that extra hour overtime. Better yet, find a pain point in your department and come up with a solution for it.”

Ramon strongly believes in showing initiative. “Finding a casual job doing anything even remotely related to your field will make you stand out when applying for a graduate job. Think Monash tutor. Or IT store tech. Even do admin work in an IT company.” When competing in the work world, every bit counts.