Sajeeb Lohani

A peak inside the life of a penetration tester

Not long out of uni and Sajeeb Lohani (BSE 2017) has already burrowed deep into the shadowy world of cybersecurity. As a penetration tester at Hivint, he hunts for weaknesses – ways in which code might be manipulated – that could make IoT devices, networks, and software, such as web and mobile applications, vulnerable to cyberattacks.

“I thoroughly enjoy digging through a codebase and searching for security flaws by simply reading code,” says Sajeeb. “This allows me to quickly find interesting bugs. And I broaden my knowledge of each programming language in the process.” He has also discovered how to automate some steps to make testing less repetitive and more accurate.

To do his job, Sajeeb needs to understand thoroughly how client software is built. Studying computer and software architecture at Monash gave him tools that support this work. Among other things, he learned how to predict the dataflow within software, and how to make software run faster, with fewer resources.

As a student, Sajeeb founded the Monash Cyber Security Club. An organisation dedicated to sharing practical cybersecurity skills with peers. With weekly workshops, presenters were challenged to gain intimate knowledge of their topics, ensuring more all-round knowledge.

A great way to grow professionally.

This notion of mutual learning has stayed with Sajeeb. “If you have an idea, create a public Git repository and share it with the world,” he suggests. “You show everyone what you’re working on, and you learn from others. It’s also an opportunity to contribute to the community.”

Fueled by high ambitions, Sajeeb continues to both refine and expand his knowledge of software security. “In 10 years, I’d like to lead a team of security professionals, or run my own security business, to protect software and intellectual property,” he reveals. “I also hope to present at prestigious conferences, as an internationally renowned expert in the security industry.”

Conventional wisdom says that thinking leads to doing. Looks like Sajeeb is on his way!