Tilley Wong

Tilley Wong

The benefits of change

In the rapidly changing environment of technology, nothing ever goes according to plan. For a natural organiser like Tilley Wong (BBIS(Hons) 2017), that's pretty tough. Now an IT Business Analyst at Australia Post, she strives to embrace change because the survival of the company depends on it.

"I've never had a day of work where everything pans out as expected," says Tilley. "A project's success requires resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to approach problems from different angles." She clearly welcomes this challenge.

"My work helps build the trust that all Australians should have in our postal service," Tilley explains. "I enjoy interacting with various business and technical people, and discovering the ins and outs of the 'IT project world'. And I'm surrounded by so many fabulous mentors encouraging me along the way." Tilley goes on to share an important learning around project and team success. "Everyone must learn to understand how others on the team think, act and communicate before the project can take off. Then work becomes a breeze!"

While at Monash, Tilley undertook a few different placements through the industry-based learning (IBL) program. The program required her to keep a daily log of what she'd learned on the job and how she was feeling about her progress. "I loved that this task became a form of reflection on how far I'd come from day one, in terms of maturity, understanding and skill level," she shares.

"Find a good mentor. Someone with whom you connect well, and with enough experience and time to support you in your IBL journey," recommends Tilley. "I'll never forget the valuable advice and lessons my mentors passed on to me."

Each year Australia Post holds a "Hack Dayz" hackathon where employees create digital solutions to meet customer needs in under 24 hours. Tilley has been amazed at the range of empowering innovations that have emerged. "One concept that stood out was using a virtual reality headset to shop an AusPost store," she beams.

Tilley feels lucky to be in a role at a company like Australia Post where she continues to learn every day and continues to become more and more adaptable. Change is not something to be feared - but something to be recognised as an opportunity and grabbed!

We can't wait to hear what Tilley does next.