Val Melamed

Val Melamed

Not afraid of new concepts

Val Melamed (BMM 2002) started off as a user experience designer, but wasn’t satisfied with simply creating designs. “I wanted to influence projects, talk to stakeholders and control budgets,” he shares. “This led me to becoming a digital producer, where I worked with startups and global advertising agencies on clients such as Microsoft, World Vision, Myer, Nike, NAB and many others.”

As a producer, Val aligned agency resources and client expectations to achieve business outcomes. “You get to deal with designers, developers, business analysts, sales people, analytics people, media managers and content marketers. And that’s just on the agency side,” he explains. “Needless to say, you have to communicate effectively and act as the glue that holds entire teams of people together.”

Val now runs a digital marketing consultancy called Grid Concepts. A company of 12 people across three continents. As Marketing Director, he drives marketing and strategy direction. “I’m responsible for the results of our work,” says Val. “Depending on the client’s needs, that could mean more traffic to their online site/store, more sales, more brand awareness or more marketing leads for their sales people.”

How did Val get to where he is today? Through a lifelong fascination with the internet. And a willingness to embrace new concepts. As he puts simply, “Learning doesn’t stop when you leave university.”