Xile Wang

Xile Wang

A career that brings delight to millions

How many careers give you the chance to touch thousands, if not millions of lives? Xile Wang (BBIS 2012) considers himself lucky to have found such a career in the digital strategy and user experience (UX) space.

As an Experience Design Lead at Deloitte Digital, Xile designs and creates digital experiences for the end user. He remarks, “I enjoy knowing that my creations – or some of them at least – have given users a sense of ‘delight’.” Xile also values working alongside likeminded people who are passionate about design and technology.

“My role is all about problem solving, and designing digital solutions which satisfy both customer and business needs,” he explains. “This translates into intuitive and immersive digital experiences in the form of websites, mobile apps and user portals.”

Xile credits the industry-based learning (IBL) program with facilitating his career. He says, “The real-world experience gained from the industry placements, and friendships formed along the way, had a big impact.”

In pursuing a career, Xile stresses the importance of doing what you love: “Listen to your parents' advice 80% of the time, maybe 20% of the time. The rest of the time, follow your passion, in an area showing a clear market need.”

There have been many exciting advances since Xile first entered the industry. “Gaming has become more mainstream, both through traditional avenues like PC and console, and newer ones, such as virtual reality, training and professional e-sports,” he notes. “I’d like to see artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, play a bigger role in all gaming.”

With his front row seat on digital transformation, Xile no doubt will witness all sorts of wonderful disruption in the years ahead.