Zahra Khakoo

Zahra Khakoo

The advantage of not knowing what to do

Zahra Khakoo (BITS 2013, MBIS 2014) has made her way to Google, where she works as a Technical Support Engineer – Corporate Operations. In this role, she provides tech support to Googlers via phone, chat and ticket queues. She helps mitigate large-scale internal incidents impacting Google, while also getting users back up and running.

“I’ve also explored projects with other Google teams to build up my experience in areas of interest. For example, I’ve worked as a Program Manager and an Analyst,” explains Zahra. “This has helped me clarify what my next career move should be.”

Zahra stresses that, whenever you try a new role, it adds to your experience. “Embrace uncertainty,” she advises. “Not knowing what you want to do is great because it means you’ll be open to opportunities.”

And she highly recommends networking. “Talk to people in companies you’d like to work for, or in roles you aspire to,” she suggests. “Don’t be afraid to reach out.”

Last but not least, Zahra offers, “Integrate the hobbies you love into your career – your curiosity will drive you to learn quickly and adapt to different environments.” With passion, no need for more motivation!