FLoRA project receives pick of the bunch in annual EDUCAUSE Horizon Report

29 April 2021

The FLoRA project, which explores self-regulated learning with personalised teaching guides and suggestions offered through artificial intelligence technology, was selected as one of six projects out of 141 key technologies and practices, which were voted in to have a significant impact on the future of higher education teaching and learning.

The EDUCAUSE 2021 Horizon Report is a prestigious annual strategy and policy publication which profiles key trends, emerging technologies and practices that are shaping the future of education.

The list of chosen projects are based on the perspectives and expertise of a global panel of leaders from across the higher education landscape. The report also serves as a vantage point on where the post-pandemic future of teaching and learning may be headed.

Professor Dragan Gasevic, Director of the Centre for Learning Analytics and a Chief Investigator of the FLoRA project, explains that recognition in the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report is a huge achievement for the team.

“The EDUCAUSE annual report is the most influential publication regarding the use of technology in higher education and it has an even greater impact on the policy and strategic planning in almost every higher education institution around the world. To have our project recognised by this publication is a fantastic achievement and one that showcases the increasing influence technology has on education,” said Professor Gasevic.

The FLoRA project is a collaboration between a number of tertiary institutions including the University of Edinburgh, Technical University of Munich, Radboud University and Monash University.

The project will aim to research how advanced support is given to students by improving unobtrusive data collection and machine learning techniques to gain better measure and understanding of self-regulated learning processes and by using these insights to facilitate student’s self-regulated learning by providing personalised teaching guides and suggestions.

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To learn more about the the FLoRA project, please visit here.