Research centres and labs

With two university-recognised research centres and numerous affiliated research labs and groups, Monash IT conducts pioneering research. Our research tackles social, economic and environmental issues – from the simple and the everyday, through to the most intricate and complex.

Research laboratories and groups

Collective Behaviour GroupThe collective behaviour lab investigates the processes that shape the behaviour of large groups, from colonies of bees and ants to human crowds and consumer markets. Its interdisciplinary approach combines advanced computational modelling with experimental studies. Its members work on a spectrum of applications in ecology, agriculture, swarm intelligence, and swarm robotics.
Computer Education Research Group (CERG) Examines contemporary education issues in computing with research projects that encompass the breadth of computing education, including using technology to assist with the teaching process.
Cybersecurity Lab Developing solutions to the security, privacy, reliability, trust, and performance issues of different system environments. Our lab has strong collaboration between academics, industries and governments, both locally and internationally.​
Knowledge Management Laboratory (KM Lab) A virtual laboratory operating under COSI, this flexible state-of-the-art facility supports research, research training and teaching in enterprise knowledge management.
Laboratory of Computational Biology (LCB) Data structures, algorithms, graph theory and mathematics are just a few of the techniques used at this multi-disciplinary lab to meet the computational challenges that arise in biological data.
Monash 3D Group Explores the practical and theoretical potentials of 3D animation in academic research.
Monash Adaptive Visualisation Group (MArVL) Comprising of academic staff, research programmers, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, MArVL is internationally renowned for its research in information visualisation, accessibility and responsive document layout
Monash Decision Support Systems Laboratory (DSS Lab) Housing the largest concentration of business intelligence researchers in the Asia-Pacific region, this research group is developing IT-based systems to support decision processes, covering areas such as online analytical processing, data visualisation and business analytics.
Records Continuum Research Group Investigates methods of analysis that enable records to be controlled at different points in time throughout their lifespan, including the way records are represented, used, retrieved and disseminated.
User Modelling and Natural Language Research Group (UM&NL) Examines the use of statistical and machine learning techniques for human-computer interaction, such as intelligent tutoring systems, online help systems and information filtering systems.