Complementary study

Complementary study refers to studying units at another Australian university on a non-award basis for credit towards your Monash University degree.

If you would like to enrol in complementary study at another tertiary institution you should complete a complementary study application form and lodge it with the Faculty of Engineering Student Services office by the engineering specific closing date for that semester.


Approval for complementary study will only be granted if you can demonstrate that there is significant educational advantage that cannot be derived by studying Monash units. It is normally only approved where the units selected are not offered by Monash University.

Units undertaken at another institution without Monash approval will not be credited to your Monash degree.

For more details about credit for complementary study, please refer to the faculty and the university policy.

Notification of approval and enrolment

You will be advised of the outcome of your application in writing by the faculty.

You will then be asked to add the complementary studies units to your Monash engineering course enrolment by completing and lodging an Enrolment Amendment form with the Faculty of Engineering Student Services Office no later than the Friday of the second week of the semester in which the unit is to be taught. Complementary study units in Engineering will be recorded on your academic transcript with ECL codes (i.e. ECL2001).

You must also contact the institution that offers the units you would like to study and complete any appropriate application and enrolment processes.

If you are applying for a commonwealth supported place (CSP) place at the other institution they will require confirmation of your student status. To obtain this information you will need to request a short letter from the Student Services Centre.

Please note that deadlines at different institutions vary and you will need to check with the host institution before applying.

What if I need to change my complementary studies enrolment?

If you need to amend your complementary studies enrolment you will need to seek approval from Faculty of Engineering at Monash University.

Discontinuing your enrolment

It is important that you remember that standard census dates apply to units undertaken as complementary study. If you are discontinuing your complementary study you must discontinue your enrolment in the units at both Monash University and the other institution to avoid fees and academic penalties such as a fail grade. You will need to discontinue your Monash complementary (ECL) units by using an Enrolment Amendment form as you will not be able to discontinue those units via WES.

Amending your enrolment

To change units at another institution you must submit a new complementary studies application so the Faculty of Engineering can assess whether you will be permitted to enrol in the units on a complementary study basis. You will need to meet any deadlines that the other University advertises as well as standard variation to enrolment deadlines with Monash (i.e. end of second week of semester).


Once you have completed your complementary study you must provide the Faculty of Engineering with original or certified evidence of your results which will then be entered against the special complementary unit codes.

If you pass the complementary studies unit the result will be entered at Monash as SFR (satisfied faculty requirements). If you fail the unit a fail (N) result will be entered. You must provide the faculty with your complementary studies results as soon as possible after your results are available otherwise you may receive a fail result for the unit at Monash.


You will be required to pay fees for the units at the host institution. The host institution can offer you either a full-fee place or a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). This does not depend on the type of place that you currently have at Monash. Please see the university web site for more information.