Global intercampus program

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Study in Malaysia

Spend one or two semesters at the tropical Monash Malaysia campus and earn full credit towards your Engineering degree, all while exploring South-East Asia!

Global Intercampus program

Streamlined application process

You'll study the same Monash units in Malaysia

No minimum WAM/GPA

You won’t need to have the units assessed for equivalence

$2500 grant*

Guaranteed to all students in 2020

Package for all students*

Free visa, free on-campus accommodation, free travel insurance

Graded Results (only awarded to Inter-Campus Exchange)

You’ll get a mark and grade on your academic transcript. The units will also count in the calculation of your HWA

Unlimited places

*except Malaysian citizens

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Studying abroad was a breeze. I found that being part of a smaller student group encouraged me to become much more involved in my own studies as well as all the other extra-curricular activities on offer. One of the best things is how close to campus you’re likely to stay; living a five-minute walk from your room to the lecture theatre is one aspect of studying abroad that I really enjoyed and made everything easier. Living so close to the host university also helped me form some fantastic friendships and connections that led to unforgettable experiences – both abroad and when I returned back home.

- Jackson Hamill


You will be allocated into one of these engineering specialisations and you'll need to study full time.

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical and Computer Systems
  • Mechanical
  • Robotics and Mechatronics or Mechatronics
  • Software

Check your course map or speak with a course adviser if you need help choosing units.

Add a Tropical Exchange Challenge (E-TEC) to your Global Intercampus Program

A 12-day enrichment module with hands-on experience, industry engagement and an intercultural experience in a Southeast Asian tropical setting.

Learn more about E-TEC

I cannot begin to tell you how much I would recommend someone complete a semester abroad in Malaysia. The sheer amount of things I packed into the five months I was away was mind blowing, and it was all capped off brilliantly with E-TEC. Building a house in three days with thirty other students for a family whose smiles I won't forget is something that I'll continue to be proud of for the rest of my life. That, along with the other fantastic opportunities presented in both the exchange and E-TEC, is something no one should pass up!

- Travis Hartley

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