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New positions available in the group

A new PhD position is currently being advertised for an ammonia electrochemical synthesis project, supervised by Dr Alexandr Simonov and Prof MacFarlane. This position will be a part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Electromaterials Science (ACES). The project description and scholarship details can be downloaded here. Any interested parties should contact Dr Alexandr Simonov directly.

PhD scholarships will be available in the MacFarlane Group as part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Electromaterials Science (ACES). This is an exciting opportunity to undertake research in novel electromaterials and their application in areas such as energy storage or artificial photosynthesis. Based at Monash, this is a highly collaborative environment where students are encouraged to work with some of the top researchers in Australia on novel electromaterials and their application. Click here to read more about ACES.

Please send expressions of interest for PhD positions to our Research Support Manager

Energy Storage and Ammonia - on the Radio

Doug was interviewed by local radio station J-Air about energy technologies. Steven Meyer, host of the SciencePlus program, and co-host Danielle discussed with Doug the issue of energy storage, looking at its effect on renewable energy performance, current technologies and research avenues for moving forward including ammonia.

You can listen to the interview on J-Air's podcast here (3/11/16)

Recent publications

Task-specific thioglycolate ionic liquids for heavy metal extraction: Synthesis, extraction efficacies and recycling properties
Platzer, S., Kar, M., Leyma, R., Chib, S., Roller, A., Jirsa, F., Krachler, R., MacFarlane, D.R., Kandioller, W., Keppler, B.K., Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 324, 15 February 2017, Pages 241-249

Hierarchical Mesoporous SnO2 Nanosheets on Carbon Cloth: A Robust and Flexible Electrocatalyst for CO2 Reduction with High Efficiency and Selectivity
Li, F., Chen, L., Knowles, G.P., MacFarlane, D.R., Zhang, J., Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Volume 56, Issue 2, 9 January 2017, Pages 505-509

Highly reversible oxygen to superoxide redox reaction in a sodium-containing ionic liquid
Pozo-Gonzalo, C., Howlett, P.C., MacFarlane, D.R., Forsyth, M., Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 74, 1 January 2017, Pages 14-18

Towards a better Sn: Efficient electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to formate by Sn/SnS2 derived from SnS2 nanosheets
Li, F., Chen, L., Xue, M., Williams, T., Zhang, Y., MacFarlane, D.R., Zhang, J., Nano Energy, Volume 31, 1 January 2017, Pages 270-277

Co3O4 nanoneedle arrays as a multifunctional “super-reservoir” electrode for long cycle life Li-S batteries
Chang, Z., Dou, H., Ding, B., Wang, J., Wang, Y., Hao, X., MacFarlane, D.R., Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 250-257

In-Situ-Activated N-Doped Mesoporous Carbon from a Protic Salt and Its Performance in Supercapacitors
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Mechanisms of low temperature capture and regeneration of CO2 using diamino protic ionic liquids
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Electrochemistry of the tris(2,2‘-bipyridine) complex of iron(II) in ionic liquids and aprotic molecular solvents
Cabral, D.M., Howlett, P.C., MacFarlane, D.R., Electrochimica Acta, 2016, 220, pp. 347-353

Inorganic-Organic Ionic Liquid Electrolytes Enabling High Energy-Density Metal Electrodes for Energy Storage
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Lemon juice based extraction of pectin from mango peels: Waste to wealth by sustainable approaches
Banerjee, J., Vijayaraghavan, R., Arora, A., MacFarlane, D.R., Patti, A.F., ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2016, 4 (11), pp. 5915-5920

Highly Ordered Hierarchical Mesoporous MnCo2O4 with Cubic Iα3d Symmetry for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Xiao, C., Zhang, X., Mendes, T., Knowles, G.P., Chaffee, A., Macfarlane, D.R., Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2016, 120 (42), pp. 23976-23983

Ion Dynamics in a Mixed-Cation Alkoxy-Ammonium Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Sodium Device Applications
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Investigating non-fluorinated anions for sodium battery electrolytes based on ionic liquids
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Unraveling the Role of Ligands in the Hydrogen Evolution Mechanism Catalyzed by [NiFe] Hydrogenases
Qiu, S., Azofra, L.M., MacFarlane, D.R., Sun, C., ACS Catalysis, 6, 8, 2016, 5541-5548

Promising prospects for 2D d2-d4 M3C2 transition metal carbides (MXenes) in N2 capture and conversion into ammonia
Azofra, L.M., Li, N., MacFarlane, D.R., Sun, C., Energy Environ. Sci., 2016,9, 2545-2549

Long lifetime photoluminescence in N, S co-doped carbon quantum dots from an ionic liquid and their applications in ultrasensitive detection of pesticides
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Highly Ordered Ag/Cu Hybrid Nanostructure Arrays for Ultrasensitive Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
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High Thermal Gradient in Thermo-electrochemical Cells by Insertion of a Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) Membrane
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Nanostructured photoelectrochemical solar cell for nitrogen reduction using plasmon-enhanced black silicon
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Reduction of oxygen in a trialkoxy ammonium-based ionic liquid and the role of water
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Ionic liquid electrolytes for reversible magnesium electrochemistry
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Novel Na+ Ion Diffusion Mechanism in Mixed Organic–Inorganic Ionic Liquid Electrolyte Leading to High Na+ Transference Number and Stable, High Rate Electrochemical Cycling of Sodium Cells.
Maria Forsyth, Hyungook Yoon, Fangfang Chen, Haijin Zhu, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Michel Armand, and Patrick C. Howlett
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2016, 120 (8), pp 4276–4286

Ionic liquids and their solid-state analogues as materials for energy generation and storage
Douglas R. MacFarlane, Maria Forsyth, Patrick C. Howlett, Mega Kar, Stefano Passerini, Jennifer M. Pringle, Hiroyuki Ohno, Masayoshi Watanabe, Feng Yan, Wenjun Zheng, Shiguo Zhang & Jie Zhang
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An intensified π-hole in beryllium-doped boron nitride meshes: its determinant role in CO2 conversion into hydrocarbon fuels
Luis Miguel Azofra,a   Douglas R. MacFarlanea and   Chenghua Sun
Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 3548-3551

Synergistic Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Aqueous Chloride Solutions by an Imidazolinium Carboxylate Salt Alison L. Chong, James I. Mardel, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Maria Forsyth, and Anthony E. Somers
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.5b01725

Bioinspired Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Bovine Serum Albumin-Capped Silver Nanoclusters Mediated by [α-SiW12O40]4−
Dr. Si-Xuan Guo, Prof. Douglas R. MacFarlane, Dr. Jie Zhang
ChemSusChem, 2016, 9, 80–87

Stable zinc cycling in novel alkoxy-ammonium based ionic liquid electrolytes
Mega Kara, Bjørn Winther-Jensen, Michel Armand, Tristan J. Simons, Orawan Winther-Jensen, Maria Forsyth, Douglas R. MacFarlane
Electrochimica Acta, 2016, 188, 461–471

Enhanced thermal energy harvesting performance of a cobalt redox couple in ionic liquid–solvent mixtures
Manoj A. Lazar, Danah Al-Masri, Douglas R. MacFarlane and   Jennifer M. Pringle
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016,18, 1404-1410

Polyethylenimine promoted electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO in aqueous medium by graphene-supported amorphous molybdenum sulphide
Fengwang Li, Shu-Feng Zhao, Lu Chen, Azam Khan, Douglas R. MacFarlane and    Jie Zhang
Energy Environ. Sci., 2016,9, 216-223

Mixtures of the 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate ionic liquid with different inorganic salts: insights into their interactions
Filipe S. Oliveira, Eurico J. Cabrita, Smilja Todorovic, Carlos E. S. Bernardes, José N. Canongia Lopes, Jennifer L. Hodgson, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Luís P. N. Rebelo and    Isabel M. Marrucho
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016,18, 2756-2766

Ambient temperature solubilisation of brown coal in ammonium carbamate ionic liquids
Ying Qi, T. Vince Verheyen, Ranganathan Vijayaraghavan, Douglas R. MacFarlane and Alan L. Chaffee
Fuel, Volume 166, 15 February 2016, Pages 106–115

Mechanisms of low temperature capture and regeneration of CO2 using diamino protic ionic liquids
Tristan J. Simons, Thomas Verheyen, Ekaterina I. Izgorodina, R. Vijayaraghavan, Scott Young, Andrew K. Pearson, Steven J. Pas and   Douglas R. MacFarlane
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016,18, 1140-1149