We offer a wide range of scholarships and awards at Monash IT. These programs are designed to reward excellence, and also to promote greater equity among the many different students who want to study and work in IT.

Undergraduate scholarships

Monash IT offers an array of scholarships for our undergraduate students, including scholarships for women, Indigenous Australians, Australian students, and international students.

Postgraduate scholarships

Eligible students, including Indigenous Australian and international students, can apply for a number of postgraduate scholarships.

Research scholarships

Contemplating a research degree with Monash IT? A variety of scholarships are available for eligible graduate research candidates.

Indigenous Australian scholarships

A number of scholarships for new and continuing Indigenous Australian students are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Women in IT scholarships

The Faculty of IT is home to a diverse group of female students and high-profile female researchers. Find out more about the scholarships we have available for women interested in a career in IT.

Industry-based learning

Our industry-based learning program offers outstanding scholarships. Work with an industry partner and unleash the skills you've learned in the classroom on the corporate world.

International scholarships

Various scholarships for new and continuing international students are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.