What is MoVE?

MoVE (Monash Virtual Environment) is a new way for students to access the specialised software and applications they need, anywhere and anytime.

Students will benefit by being able to access applications on their own device at no cost; and will reduce the need for students to visit on-campus labs in order to complete assessments and software-specific study.

Students enrolled in activities that require MoVE will be required to bring their own device (laptop or tablet) in order to access the MoVE platform.

Watch this video to learn more


Access MoVE

You can access MoVE using your Monash account details to log in.

MoVE can be used on any device with a web browser, but we strongly recommend you use a laptop or tablet. You can speak with your tutor or lecturer for further clarification.

Units on MoVE

Your course enrolment details determine which applications you have access to. Find out which specialised applications are available for each unit listed below.