About the Project

The Yiddish Melbourne project is designed and led by Professor Andrew Markus. Much of the research and writing was undertaken by Dr Miriam Munz and Dr Margaret Taft. The internet site was developed by Suzanne Shubart. The project has been made possible by funding from the Australian Research Council under its Discovery Projects scheme, with additional funding in 2010 from the Pratt Foundation and the Hans Bachrach Foundation. This support is gratefully acknowledged.

The project expresses its gratitude for the assistance it has received from many members of the Jewish community of Melbourne, in particular the guidance of Ms Danielle Charak from the project’s inception and the advice of Ms Rachel Kalman of the Kadimah National Library, Mr Alex Dafner, President of the Kadimah, and Ms Freydi Mrocki. We would also like to thank Ms Anna Epstein and Ms Susan Faine, at the Jewish Museum of Australia, for the use of photographs from their archives. In 2010 Ms Julie Meadows joined the project team to assist with the collection of oral history. Without the generous support of many individuals and organisations, the Yiddish Melbourne project would not have been possible.

The site was launched on 21 November 2010.