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Annual Reports, Manuscript Records

Jewish National Library Kadimah, Annual General Reports

Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies, Annual General Reports and Minutes

Newspapers and Journals

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Commemorations, Year Books

Charak, Danielle (ed.), A Celebration of Yiddish (Melbourne, 2004)

Chavershaft: Special Edition – 60 years SKIF (Melbourne, 1988)

Der Lodzer Tsenter in Melbourne, 1953-1974  (The Lodzer Centre in Melbourne, 1953-1974) (Melbourne, 1974)

Marks, Stan (ed.), Ten Years: Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre Melbourne 1984-1994 (Melbourne, 1994)

Marks, Stan (ed.), Reflections: 20 Years 1984-2004. Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre (Melbourne, 2004)

Oistralisch-Yiddisher Almanach (Australian-Jewish Almanac), 1937, 1942, 1967

Reflection: Sholem Aleichem College, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1998

Sholem Aleichem Year Book 2003: Values for a lifetime

Stern, Shalom (ed.) Tsushtayer Zamlbuch (Cooperative Anthology) (Melbourne, 1944)

Tsen Yor Yiddishe Shul in Melbourne (1935-1945) (Ten Years of Yiddish School in Melbourne) (Melbourne 1946)

Twenty Years Sholem Aleichem College 1975-1995

Books on Yiddish Melbourne

Ajzenbud, Moshe, 60 Years of “Bund” in Melbourne 1928-1988, translated by Chana and Moshe Mrocki (Melbourne, 1996)

Markus, Andrew and Danielle Charak (eds), Yiddish Melbourne: Towards a History (Melbourne, 2008)

Zable, Arnold, Wanderers and Dreamers: Tales of the David Herman Theatre (Melbourne, 1998)

Books, Creative Writing

Ajzenbud, Moshe, Nusach Y. Rapoport (Y. Rapoport’s Style) (Melbourne, 1967)

Apelowicz, Dobke, Zamlung:  Poems, Dertseylungen, Lider Muzik (Collections: Poems, Stories, Songs, Music) (Melbourne, 1990)

Bergner, Herz, Pinchas Goldhar, Yosl Birstein, Southern Stories, Poems and Paintings (Melbourne, 1946)

Bergner, Herz, Licht un shotn (Light and Shadow) (Melbourne, 1960)

Bergner, Herz, M’darf Zein A Mentsch – Oistralishe Unandare Dertseilungen (Be Human – Australian and Other Tales) (Melbourne, 1971)

Birstein, Yossel, Unter Fremde Himlen (Under Alien Skies) (Melbourne, 1949)

Birstein, Yossel, Poetry, translated works at The Birstein project, a website created and managed by Andrew Firestone, The Birstein Project

Boruch Kaluszyner Gezang Bukh (Boruch Kaluszyner Songbook) (Melbourne, 1977)

Goldhar, Pinchas, Gezamelte Shriften (Collected Works) (Melbourne 1949)

Goldhar, Pinchas, Dertseilungen fun Oistralie (Tales from Australia) (Melbourne, 1939)

Kahn, Itzchak, “Shmuesn” mit Oistralishe Shreibers (Conversations with Australian Writers) (Melbourne 1976)

Liberman, Serge, On Firmer Shores (Melbourne, 1981)

Rapoport, Yehoshua, Ershte Shnit Nochn Shturem (First Harvest After the Storm) (Melbourne 1948)

Rozen, Ber Isaac, Geklibene Shriften (Selected Works) (Melbourne, 1957)

Steinberg, I.N., Gelebt un Gecholemt in Oistralie (Lived and Dreamed in Australia) (Melbourne, 1943)

Waten, Judah, Alien Son (Melbourne, 1952)

Waten, Judah, Distant Land (Sydney, 1964)

Zable, Arnold, Scraps of Heaven (Melbourne, 2004)

Zable, Arnold, Café Scheherazade (Melbourne, 2001)


Bennett, Feige-Rachel, Doz Iz Mayn Lebn (This Is My Life) (Melbourne, 1975)

Bennett, Shmuel, Chronicles of a Life (Melbourne, 1999)

Rosenberg, Jacob Gershon, Sunrise West (Melbourne, 2007)

Rosenfarb, Chava,  Bono Wiener Remembered (Montreal, 1997)

Schwarz, Tess, The First of Forty Families (Melbourne, 2001)

Books on Jewish Australia

Benjamin, Rodney, A Serious Influx of Jews, A History of Jewish Welfare in Victoria (St Leonards, 1998)

Berman, Judith, Holocaust Remembrance in Australian Jewish Communities, 1945-2000 (Perth, 2001)

Fagenblat, Michael, Melanie Landau, Nathan Wolski (eds.), New Under the Sun (Melbourne, 2006)

Freadman, Richard, This Crazy Thing A Life, Australian Jewish Autobiography (Crawley, Perth, 2007)

Goldlust, John, The Melbourne Jewish Community: A Needs Assessment Study (Canberra, 1993)

Goldlust, John, The Jews of Melbourne: A Community Profile. A Report on the Findings of the Jewish Community Survey, 1991 (Melbourne, 1993)

Golvan, Colin, The Distant Exodus: Australian Jews Recall Their Immigrant Experiences (Sydney 1990)

Havin, David, Orthodox Jewry in Carlton and Surrounding Suburbs (Melbourne, 2007)

Jacobs, Alan, Enough Already: An Anthology of Australian Jewish Writing (Sydney, 1999)

Keesing, Nancy, (ed.) Shalom: Australian Jewish Stories (Sydney, 1978)

Liberman, Serge, A Bibliography of Australasian Judaica (Sydney, 1987. Revised and updated edition, 1991)

Medding, Peter, From Assimilation to Group Survival: A Political and Sociological Study of an Australian Jewish Community (Melbourne, 1968)

Medding, Peter (ed), Jews in Australian Society (Melbourne, 1973)

Rubinstein, Hilary, The Jews in Victoria 1835-1985 (Sydney, 1986)

Rubinstein, Hilary, Chosen: The Jews in Australia (Sydney, 1987)

Rubinstein, H.L., The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History, Volume I: 1788-1945 (Melbourne 1991)

Rubinstein, W.D (ed), Jews in the Sixth Continent (Sydney, 1987)

Rubinstein, W.D., The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History. Volume II 1945 to the Present (Melbourne, 1991)

Rutland, Suzanne, Edge of the Diaspora: Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia (Sydney, 1988)

Rutland, Suzanne, Pages of History: A Century of Australian Jewish Press (Melbourne 1995)


Benjamin, Rodney, “Leo Fink”, The Australian Dictionary of Biography (Online Edition, originally published 1996)

Bennett, Shmuel, “The Hazomir Choir Jubilee”, Melbourne Chronicle, 1981

Burstin, David, “I.L. Peretz Yiddish School 1935-1984”, The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal, 1986

Burstin, David, “Growing up in the Bund in Melbourne”, Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal, Nov. 2002

Burstin, Sefra, “SKIF in the seventies”, Chavershaft: Special Edition – 60 years SKIF (Melbourne, 1988)

Dafner, Alex, “Youth at the Kadimah and future proposals” Melbourne Chronicle, March 1982 pp. 2-3

Dafner, Alex, “The Kadimah and Yiddish Melbourne in the twentieth century”, Jewish Cultural Centre & National Library “Kadimah”

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Factor, June, “Individual and community in commonwealth literature: three explorations of the immigrant experience in Australia”, Melbourne Chronicle, Aug. /Sept. 1982

Fein, Yvonne, “A morning with Judah Waten”, Melbourne Chronicle, March/April 1988

Gawenda, Michael, “Chicken soup”, Melbourne Chronicle, No. 1(57), March/April 1988

Gawenda, Michael, “Giligich Collection inaugurated”, The Australian Jewish News, 10 March 1989

Glezer, Leon, “The personal experiences and views of young Jewish intellectuals”, in Peter Y. Medding (ed.), Jews in Australian Society (Melbourne, 1973)

Glezer, Leon “Jews in Australia in the Twentieth Century”, in James Jupp (ed.), The Australian People: An Encyclopedia of the Nation, Its People and Their Origins (Cambridge, 2001)

Goldhar, Joshua, “On Pinhas Goldhar’s fortieth yahrzeit”, Melbourne Chronicle, Feb. /March 1987

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“Hirschbein, Peretz”, in Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 8 (Jerusalem, 1971)

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Bitter Herbs and Honey, a film by Monique Schwartz, an Amber Films Production, 1996

Other, Sound Recording

Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, Talking History Series, 2004:  sessions covering The Bund, Kadimah and the Giligich Collection, Schools, Writers