Unpublished Almanac

An additional Almanac is mentioned in the annual report of the Jewish National Library “Kadimah”  (1952-1953). It states:

“The work on the Australian Jewish Almanac which was commenced last year to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Kadimah, was carried a stage further this year. An exact plan of contents of the Almanac has been worked out and numbers of articles on all problems connected with the Jewish Community in Australia have been requested from our most able writers. Some of the articles have already been received. At the same time a large amount of informative material on the past and existing Jewish institutions and organisations has been collected.

“This monumental book which will contain a full survey of our Jewish Community, its history, present life, and which will portray all Jewish institutions and organisations here, will certainly become a dear souvenir in every Jewish home in Australia. The large informative material in respect to our Jewish life here together with the literary content of the works of our writers will make the Almanac a major reference work about the Jewish Community in Australia and will be of value not only for us, but to all Jews all over the world.

“It will be the task of the incoming Committee to find the necessary funds to publish this book, and it is to be hoped that the whole of our Community will give its full support in order to issue the Almanac as soon as possible.”

It appears that this Almanac was never published. Perhaps the collected articles were included in the 1967 Almanac. However, it is clear from this report that the aim of collecting articles and publishing them was to inform the community in Australia about its own progress, as well as inform the world about the Jewish community in Australia, and to act as a literary outlet for local writers.