The Australian Yiddish Almanacs


The following documents are extracted from the three Yiddish Almanacs published in 1937, 1942 and 1967 in Melbourne.

The 1937 edition states that wherever Jewish people are, they need to publish books because books survive even when their writers are gone. It also recounts that it is the first Yiddish book published in Australia.

The Kadimah Cultural Centre and National Library published the three collections. Melech Ravitch edited the 1937 Almanac, succeeded by Herz Bergner (1942) and Leon Friedman (1967).

The three almanacs provided an outlet for Yiddish writers from within the community and for those who observed the Australian Yiddish community while visiting. They also served the twin purposes of informing migrants about Australia, in their own language, and informing the Jewish world about the Yiddish community in Melbourne.

Almanac 1  (1937)

Almanac 2  (1942)

Almanac 3  (1967)