Almanac 3


Title page and Table of Contents (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 101KB)

Introduction 5
L. Friedman: 55 years of Kadimah (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 187kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.52MB) 9
L.P.: Honouring the memory of the pioneers and activists of the Kadimah (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 63kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 65kB) 36
Chaim Rosenstein: David Herman Theatre Circle at the Kadimah in Melbourne (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 128kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.46MB) 38
Sender Burstin: Jewish Life in Melbourne (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 181kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.58MB) 59
A. Zimmerman: Jews, Yiddishkeit and Jews in Sydney 91
A. Troy: Jewish life in Perth 100
Shmuel Bennet: Failed Jewish settlements in Australia 105
Hertz Bergner: Yiddish words written in Australia 113
Dr Chaim Shoshkas: With Jews in Australia: Impressions From a Visit (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 74kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 133kB) 131
Jacob Pat: How Jews live in Australia: Impressions from a Visit in 1956 (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 133kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 973kB) 137
Melech Ravitch: ‘Continents and Oceans’ 157
Mendel Mann: A Fatamorgana tree on the edge of a desert 163
Dr Berl Frimer: A glance at Yiddish Melbourne (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 68kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 197kB) 173
Hirsh Bergner: The Clown (performance) 179
Abraham Zukiert: Blue Mirror, Stars…., Missions, (Poetry) 200
M. Ajzenbud: The Matza machine. (An extract from the book, ‘Nisvicher Jews’) 203
M. Levin: The Akeda; Old streets (Poetry) 216
Y. Honig: The Three Eaters 222
Yitzchak Wiener: World and People: Ariel assault, – Farewells (Poetry) 227
Sheva Glas-Weiner: Kol Nidre in Auschwitz 229
L. Friedman: Madame Adler (Drama in three acts) 233
Y. Kirsh: The role of worldliness in Yiddish life 277
Chaim Rosenstein: Cheated in the survival of Yiddishkeit 293
Joseph Solvey:  Problems of Jewish life (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 80kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 231kB) 314
Yitzchak Kahn:  Yankev Waislitz – The veteran of Yiddish stage (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 134kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.18MB) 321
Hersh Mintz: Jewish pioneers in economic life in Australia (translated by Reyzl Zylberman, pdf 81kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 243kB) 342
Gedalia Shaiak  (Tsharnazon): Black and white in Australia 349
Simon Miralos: Miniatures 372
M. Balberyski:  The Yiddish University at Vilna University (In memory of the tortured ones and the Prilotsy action) 376
Y. Orbach: The stormy transformation of towns in the State of Israel (travel writing) 379
Ben Zion Patkin:  Pages from a diary 389
In memory of the 6 million souls lost 401
Greetings upon the 55th year, the jubilee, of the Kadimah 403
Explanation of the pictures included in the Almanac 454