Almanac 2


Title page (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 57kB)
There was no Table of Contents in this volume, at least in the three copies we have accessed. The following Table of Contents was compiled from chapter headings.

Introduction 3
B. Warshawski: The Kadimah (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 102kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.27MB) 7
Isaac Horowitz: The Establishment of the Kadimah (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 83kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 1.06MB) 40
Hirsh Munz: Two Yiddish Communities (South Australia and Victoria) 65
Dr Y.C. Dzchantili: Our Sustainability in Light of the Statistics 113
Dr Y.N. Steinberg: Kimberly – A city or a settlement? 145
Melech Ravitch: Australia and – I (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 69kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 383kB) 170
Dr M. Lazarson: The Yiddish World Congress 183
Brian Fitzpatrick: Australia in Cross Section 203
Hirsh Bergner: The Household 221
Aron Patkin: Australia in the War 267
Chaim Rosenstein: Yiddish Theatre in Australia (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 103kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, 1.17MB) 305
P. Goldhar: Landsleit (Compatriots from the same town) 350
Dr D. Berger: Jewish Refugees in Australia (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 76kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 432kB) 386
H. Berger, A. Yonavitch: In which direction is our youth moving? 404
Y. Giligich: The Yiddish School in Melbourne (translated by Dvora Zylberman, pdf 75kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 395kB) 420
Contributors and index on page 447 438