Almanac 1


Title page and Table of Contents (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 46kB)

Introduction 7
Hirsh Munz: Australia – an Overview (The editor dedicates his work to his father and mother in Poland) 17
Newman H. Rosenthal: Jewish communities 38
P. Goldhar: Stories from an Australian ‘Benjamin’ 57
Peretz Hirshbein: Travel stories/pictures 1921 84
Bezalel Stavarowsky: Yiddishe questions about educating children 107
Jacob Trevaks: Shepparton 126
N.H. Rosenthal: Berwick 133
Pinchas Goldhar: The Pioneer 139
Nathan P. Spielfogel: The Beginning 160
Melech Ravitch: The Only Daughter’s dowry 166
Aron Patkin: To be or not to be?? 173
Yosef Laftvitch: My Heart is in the South 202
J. Trevaks: Jews on the soil 208
M. Ravitch: Northern Territory, A Journey….1933 215
Jean Campbell: Literary Cross Section 233
Henry Lawson: When the sun sets 253
P. Goldhar: The Jewish Press in Australia (translated by Danielle Charak, pdf 145kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 471kB) 258
Shimon Zander: The Labor Party 275
L. Zshabinski: Isaac Nathan 287
B. Stavarovsky: Aron Nissan Bar-Cohen 296
Yisrael Shaar: A Visit to Peretz Hirshbein 303
Sol Wynn: The Melbourne Kadimah (translated by Minia Lipkies, pdf 67kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 311kB) 309
Shmuel Weissberg: Yiddish Theatre searches for new parts of the World  
(Introduction written by editor) (translated by Floris Kalman, pdf 59kB)  (facsimile, Yiddish text, pdf 102kB) 320
Greeting words from Max Weinreich, Y.V.A. in Vilna, and Avraham Reisen, Peretz Hirshbein in New York 332