Play a Song for Me in Yiddish

Shpil zhe mir a lidele in yidish (Play a Song for Me in Yiddish)

Words by Yoysef Kotliar (1908-1962) and music by Henech Kon (1898-1972); written before World War II

Performed by Freydi Mrocki and accompanied by Tomi Kalinski

Selected verses:

Play a song for me in Yiddish that
Awakens joy in old and young
A tune to pass from mouth to mouth
For all, to sing its song.


Play musicians play
You know what tunes I favour
Play a little song for me
A song with feeling, heart and fervour.

A song without sighs and without tears
Play now, so everyone can hear
And all will see, I’m alive and I can sing
better than before with voice both pure and clear.

Let us sing this song of ours together
Like dearest friends, like children of one mother
I only ask, it ring unfettered and free
And that in everyone’s song will be my melody.