Book launch 'The Smart Wife' – presented by Monash Tech Talks

Can smart wives end the wife drought? In this webinar hosted by Annabel Crabb, Associate Professor Yolande Strengers and Dr Jenny Kennedy will explore this idea and their new book ‘The Smart Wife’. Presented by Monash Tech Talks.

Competing work-family commitments have led to what Annabel Crabb calls ‘The Wife Drought’. A need for someone, or something, to alleviate domestic pressures as professionals balance their careers with the home.

The solution? Smart wives like Siri, Alexa and other pleasant, helpful and perpetually available smart home assistants who can tick off household tasks – with enough energy left to ask about your day. Checking off to-do lists while getting more free time. Everyone wins… or do they?

  • why is the wife drought not going away, and how can smart wives be the solution?
  • why are smart wives feminised and how do they perpetuate gender stereotypes in society?
  • should we trust the expanding numbers of smart wives entering our lives?
  • how could a ‘rebooted’ smart wife promote a revaluing and queering of wife work?

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Event Details

Date: Wednesday 4th November, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Online – via Zoom Webinars

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