EVENT: Black (Rearview) Mirror (Thurs 12 May)

How might self-driving cars and other kinds of automated transportation impact our society?

We are constantly told that self-driving cars are just around the corner. That they need just a few more tests. That there's a few more hurdles to pass. So many of these hurdles are phrased as technical problems – part of the domain of engineers, lawmakers, and policymakers. But what other problems can we foresee for life with self-driving cars and other kinds of automated transportation? And how might we start to address them before they arrive?

In these creative workshops, participants will be invited to imagine what life with self-driving cars and automated vehicles (AVs) might look like. Inspired by shows like Black Mirror, participants will be given narrative prompts and together with a workshop facilitator, will craft speculative, near-future short stories to give insight into the intimate moments, everyday dilemmas, and unexpected horrors we might encounter from AVs.

Presented by Dr Thao Phan, Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab for Melbourne Knowledge Week  (9-15 May 2022)

Thursday 12 May | 11am – 12.30pm

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