New survey reveals the energy futures of Australians

The Energy Consumer Behaviour Survey (ECBS) is a new study commissioned by Energy Consumers Australia with input from Monash University’s Digital Energy Futures team, to look at how Australians behave and plan to behave when it comes to decisions and social practices around energy use.

The ECBS provides insights into the kinds of appliances and devices being added to Australian homes, as well as usage patterns and emerging attitudes towards resources such as home batteries, electric vehicles, smart appliances and more.

The ECBS is a companion to the Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey, the nation’s leading indicator of what Australians think about energy. Carried out by research firm Essential, it uses interviews with 2771 household and small business consumers across all states and territories to track the nation’s energy behaviour. The survey was contributed to by Monash University’s Digital Energy Futures (DEF) project and contains a standalone section to inform their research.

“The ECBS is the first national survey to track many of these lifestyle and technology trends to understand how Australians think about and use energy,” said Dr Larissa Nicholls, part of the Digital Energy Futures team and a Senior Research Fellow in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab. “This is critically important to efficiently plan and build our future energy system.”

The DEF data looks at the way people see energy and the changes expected in the future, including emerging trends, anticipated future changes, minimisation of devices, charging rituals and household changes since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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