The future of textiles

Adjunct Professor Wendy Gunn of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab will be hosting a series of discussions that look at the future of innovative textiles in healthcare, across the fields of architecture and design.

This is an opportunity for researchers interested in the following areas to participate in discussions regarding the following:

  • The future of textile manufacturing in China
  • What technologies involving new forms of materials can influence different ways of designing healthcare facilities? For example, textiles that purify the air or have healing properties for patients. How can these textiles replace architectural elements in healthcare facilities or become part of the new healthcare landscape of the future?
  • How can we use state of the art fibre technologies and new forms of plants materials to create new forms of textiles for health?
  • How could this research contribute to the future of skills development in China, for example future roles for fashion designers and textile craft workers (silk, linen)?
  • How could this research align with Chinese government policy concerning the transition from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'
  • In terms of innovation and ingenuity; Intangible heritage: Achieving continuity between past, present and future for the Chinese audience.

If you would like to discuss possible collaborative research concerning any of the above  Wendy Gunn and Jiang Guo would be happy to organise an online meeting, please email Wendy directly