Watch Short Documentary Film 'Highway to the Sky'

Jeni Lee’s short documentary film Highway to the Sky is now available to watch online.

The film documents a speculative arts workshop with neuro-diverse participants as they use painting and stop motion to imagine future transport mobilities.

Highway to the Sky is a short film co-created with 3 neurodiverse artists and Art Therapist Isabelle Ashford. Participants in the workshops create artworks and stop motion around their imagined future mobilities. The participants explore what sensations arise during their current travel experiences and what they would like to be automated (or not) in the future. The creative process elicits reflection and thoughtful responses from the project participants and highlights their sensory experiences.

This film is part of the Future Automated Mobilities Diverse Perspectives short film project. These films aim to surface impacts of Automated Decision Making (ADM) that haven’t been accounted for and explore barriers and biases propagated and amplified by ADM.

“We don't need to keep making more cars because it's just excessive. The inequity and the impact on the environment are the things that bother me, because I live on this planet too. I can't make a big difference - those multi-million dollar companies can make a difference, but they won't because it will hurt their end profits.”

Eleanor Perkins, Artist, project participant

You can watch the film on the ADM+S YouTube Channel.

'Highway to the Sky' is collaborative project with our team from the Emerging Technologies lab at Monash University, Jeni Lee, Sarah Pink, Thao Phan, and Emma Quilty as well as key project participants, Eleanor Perkins, Micheal Noble, Alexandra Hill and Registered Art Therapist Isabelle Asford (The Art to Wellbeing).

Post Sound editor: Cliff Jones

Music: Jason Sweeney

This project was funded by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making + Society.