Seeing the Road Ahead

Experimenting with creative methods to explore future visions of automated mobilities in Australia.

“Vision is central to the field of autonomous vehicle (AV) research. While much of the research into AVs has focused on the technical aspects of vision, such as object recognition and sensor development, this project turns instead to its social, cultural, and political dimensions.”

Dr Thao Phan

Our goal is to counter corporate and industry visions of self-driving cars by using creative methods to explore alternate visions. These visions are drawn from Australian popular culture as well as through interactive, creative workshops with everyday Australian people. We hope that these methods help us to develop a uniquely national case study, and to demonstrate the value of using creative methods for understanding speculative and emerging technologies.

Key investigators

Thao Phan, Monash University


Sarah Pink, Monash University

Emma Quillty, Monash University

Jeni Lee, Monash University

Funded by

This project is developed within the People Programme and the Transport Mobilities Focus Area of the Australia Research Council funded Centre of Excellence on Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S)