Gender and energy panel at the ACEF forum

Dr Kari Dahlgren will present at the Asian Clean Energy (ACEF) Forum about the need to account for gender and households in energy planning.

'Women Powering Energy: Innovation and Resilience' will spotlight the global energy transition as not only an opportunity to change the energy sector but also expand economic opportunities for women.

The panel will discuss the critical relevance of gender to the energy sector, the relationship between gender and energy consumption and adoption of technology in the future, and the exciting potential it offers for innovative and gender-inclusive climate finance.

Dr Kari Dahlgren is a Research Fellow at the ETLab, working on the Digital Energy Futures project – drawing on future-focused social science research, to better understand how emerging technologies are shaping the way people live, and ultimately, the future energy needs of Australian households.

DEF is a partnership between Monash University, the Australian Research Council, Ausgrid, AusNet Services and Energy Consumers Australia Limited.

A free online event on Wed 16 June 12.30 pm EST.

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