Podcast: conversations in anthropology @Deakin

On the 10 June 2019, Sarah Pink spoke with Conversations in Anthropology @Deakin about digital ethnography, the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University and the Future!

In this episode, we meet in an undisclosed location (David's home) with Professor Sarah Pink, the Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University, to talk digital ethnography, collaboration and the small matter of... the Future! Sarah is well known to many as a key theorist of digital ethnography and design anthropology, and has studied everything from laundry to Big Data, urban lighting schemes, wearable technology, documentary film, driverless cars, and a host of other topics. She is the author and/or editor of near-countless books, including 'Atmospheres and the Experiential World' (with our recent guest Shanti Sumartojo), 'Digital Ethnography: principles and practice', 'Doing Sensory Ethnography', and 'Making Homes: Ethnography and Design'.