Report: Demand management opportunities

The ways that households contribute to, and impact on, Australia’s energy system are diversifying. Larissa Nicholls, Industry Research Fellow with the Digital Energy Futures project, has led a new report on what the team's research tells us about enabling household demand flexibility to respond to grid constraints and shifts in electricity supply.

The Demand Management Opportunities report is aimed towards energy stakeholders with a role in
the energy transition and demand management, including electricity distributors and retailers, regulators, grid operators, forecasters, planners, governments and government agencies, policy advisers and policy makers, funding bodies, researchers, energy and digital technology companies, and consumer advocacy bodies. It is also intended to be relevant for other non-traditional energy stakeholders, such as emerging technology companies and providers, and health and building experts.

"The energy sector needs to engage with diverse household circumstances and interests to better utilise ever-increasing amounts of renewable electricity from wind and solar generation, and facilitate the path to net zero emissions.”
Larissa Nicholls, Lead author

This report focuses on demand management approaches that:

  • complement or extend beyond financial incentives delivered via the household electricity tariff (which have been the focus of approaches to date);
  • involve some active household participation or potential impact on life within the home; and
  • are currently overlooked or underutilised in Australia.

Six foundations of demand management were identified – to underpin demand initiatives and sector communications and build household trust.

Fifteen tailored approaches are proposed – to engage households via diverse experiences, life stages, practices, and household interests (Table 1).

View the full report and the media release.

Larissa Nicholls will launch the Demand Opportunities Report at the State of Energy Research Conference (SoERC).

Date: Tuesday December 7th
Time: 5.05pm
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This research is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Projects funding Scheme (‘Digital Energy Futures’ project number LP180100203) in partnership with Monash University, Ausgrid, AusNet Services and Energy Consumers Australia.