Watch: re-humanising automated decision-making

In December 2019, the ETLab hosted the first meeting of the Re-Humanising Automated Decision-Making Network. Speakers explored how ADM is making important but often invisible choices for us and our society. But how do we know if those decisions are responsible or ethical? How can we participate in shaping this future?

Led by Martin Berg (Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Malmö University, Sweden), the Re-Humanising Automated Decision-Making Network is funded by the Swedish Foundation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond) and brings together academics from around the world.

The network includes:

  • Magnus Bergquist - Halmstad University
  • Vaike Fors - Halmstad University
  • Debora Lanzeni - Monash University
  • Deborah Lupton - UNSW
  • Sarah Pink - Monash University
  • Bertil Rolandsson - University of Gothenburg
  • Minna Ruckenstein - Helsinki University
  • Rachel C. Smith - Aarhus University
  • Julia Velkova - Helsinki University

The project aims to unpack the following questions: How can the research and design of ADM be humanised by accounting for the presence of people, rather than assuming their absence? What does ‘automation’ mean in this context, and how do humans intervene in and support machine decision-making?

The ETLab hosted the first meeting of the Re-Humanising Automated Decision Making Network, welcoming speakers:

  • Minna Ruckenstein (Associate Professor at the Consumer Society Research Centre and the Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki)
  • Julian Thomas (Director of the Social Change research platform at RMIT Blockchain Research Hub, and Professor of Media and Communications at RMIT)
  • Ann Nicholson (Professor and Deputy Dean Research in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University)
  • Elizabeth Croft (Dean Faculty of Engineering, Monash University)

Watch Minna Ruckenstein discuss her collaboration with NGO Algorithm Watch on a report which mapped ADM systems in 12 countries through Europe and the ethical questions that arise from credit scoring models.

Listen to Julian Thomas discuss taking a technology-neutral approach to AI.

Listen to Ann Nicholson present the challenges of developing AI systems in light of the rapid progress of society.