EVENT: Living with robots (Mon 2 May)

Robots live amongst us in subtle ways: when they serve us food, deliver our medicines, clean our airports, or build the houses where we live. So how do we imagine our day to day future when living with robots?

Robots are designed to either free us from mundane tasks so we can either have more leisure time, or take away complex or risky tasks to help keep us safe. With this in mind, how do we design emerging technologies to support our day to day life? What are the impacts of these robots on our everyday lives, and what limits should be placed on their design and service?

In this panel discussion we hear from experts about how robotics policy and technologies impact our everyday life. The panellists will address how the growing promise of robotics can bring the most benefit to the people, in our everyday lives and beyond.


Prof Sarah Pink, Director Emerging Technologies Research Lab
Prof Elizabeth Croft, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Nicci Rossouw, CEO Exaptec Robotics
Prof Dana Kulic, Director of Monash Robotics
A/Prof Yolande Strengers, Associate Professor of Digital Technology and Society
Prof Michael Mintrom, Better Governance and Policy

Date: Monday 2 May 2022

Time: 3-6:30pm

Venue: ACMI Swinburne Theatre