Melbourne Knowledge (9-15 May)

What if we could shape a future we could all be proud of?

narrm ngarrgu | Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) is an annual festival that brings Melburnians together to explore and discuss, to share ideas, to challenge assumptions, and to spark new ways of thinking. Across seven days, the broad program of events, workshops and performances celebrates our City’s rich heritage and potential for innovation.

The emerging Technologies Research annually contributes to the MKW programme with a series of events, please see our events below for the 2022 inclusions  and we hope to see you there!

Future Sex: Engage and interact with Anna-bot: the sex robot with a twist

How the City Sees: using real-time sensing

Black (Rearview) Mirror: How might self-driving cars and other kinds of automated transportation impact our society?

Our Future Air: Imagining how new devices and technology could protect the atmospheres in our homes