Monash Energy Institute profiles Dr Larissa Nicholls

Research Fellow Dr. Larissa Nicholls is a social scientist at ETLab exploring the hows and whys of human life in home environments. The Monash Energy Institute interviewed Larissa about her commitment towards equity, sustainability and wellbeing at home, particularly in relation to energy.

Dr Larissa Nicholls is an industry research fellow for ‘Digital Energy Futures’ – an ARC Linkage project (2019-2022) partnering with the energy distributors Ausgrid and AusNet Services and the consumer advocacy body, Energy Consumers Australia.

“Digital Energy Futures is looking at how changing digital lifestyle trends will impact future household electricity demand – to assist electricity sector planning towards reliable and affordable electricity infrastructure and services”.

Having worked as a home energy assessor for government programs to help households make their homes more energy efficient, Larissa uses this experience with the challenges faced by households as a foundation for her energy research. Her focus is on the social dimensions of energy and the important role of energy in health and wellbeing.

With interests in energy efficiency, energy policy, vulnerability, energy hardship, sustainable energy, health and wellbeing, Larissa believes "how we produce, consume and integrate energy into our daily lives is central to wellbeing and to a more sustainable future.”

Read Larissa's full profile at the Monash Energy Institute.