Webinar: AI & creativity with Sarah Pink and Jon McCormack

AI and creativity: competitors or companions?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become incredibly smart. It can translate languages, recognise emotions, drive vehicles and even create its own software. But as two seemingly opposing forces, how can we leverage their synergy to create memorable customer experiences, shape future products and services – and help organisations break through the noise?

Hosted by Dave King (CEO and Founder, Move 37), this thought-provoking Monash Tech Talks discussion and live Q&A brought together Professor Sarah Pink (Director, Emerging Technologies Research Lab), Jon McCormack (Director and Founder of SensiLaband Dr Teresa Llano Rodriguez (Lecturer of Creative AI, Faculty of Information Technology), to explore:

  • how AI has affected the relationships humans have with technology and work and changes we can expect in the future
  • the impact that creative AI will have on the jobs and workforce of tomorrow
  • how creative AI is influencing the design and delivery of products and services
  • how AI can be used in a unique way to enrich consumer experiences and draw out greater business value.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast for this rare opportunity to hear from world-class anthropologists, AI experts and futurists.